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Thread: Internet Connected Flatscreen TV

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    Quote Originally Posted by november View Post
    PN, it's a G I guess? Looking all over it all I can see is that it says Wireless-G Broadband Router 2.4 GHz 54Mbps. The router will be in the same room so should work well. My roku is in an entirely different room further away and it hardly ever buffers while I'm watching anything and the rare occassion it does it's very quick.

    What are your thoughts on the TV I linked? Can I browse the web on these internet connected tvs or just use the apps like Netflix etc? If I can, isn't it hard to type things out with just a remote?
    Novie, I would've liked to have read some independent reviews on this TV from sources such as, PC mag, Home Theater Magazine, CNET, etc. I couldn't find anything other than the Amazon customer reviews. From what I could find out, this TV will allow you to do Internet searches. I was told that there is a pop-up QWERTY keyboard on the TV screen. You will need to use the TV remote to navigate or type. You cannot use a keyboard with this TV. You may be able to send and receive e-mails if there is an app available. The browser on this TV is going to be a more limited in function compared to your laptop. There are limitations. You will be able to participate in Facebook, watch YouTube, and any other Internet app that comes with this TV. However, Hulu, MLB, are examples of apps that you would have to purchase.

    The overall specs on this TV are good. It is LED edge lit not backlit, but this is by no means a show stopper! In the specs there is no mention of viewing angles. Again, not a show stopper. Samsung is known for making some of the best TVs. They are a top-tier company. Amazon customer reviews in aggregate are very good. My guess is that you will be happy with this TV. At this time, I haven't had enough time to compare this model with competition. I saw 47 inch Panasonic TV over on slickdeals but it's no longer available for $800.

    If you have any more questions just fire at will.
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    i like the simplest tv. no wifi or thrills. hook up my old hp dc7100 vga out to tv. also have 2 laptops with hdmi for high def movies but 95% of time you can't tell difference from vga or hdmi.
    i also go for off brands. do research. most tv's come from 2-3 asian makers. i have a 46" sceptre in my sitting room wich is going to be moved to bedroom and replaced with 60" or better. sceptre uses sony tv reciever and excelent picture. also have auria 40" i purchased for my mother. perfect little tv.
    take a chance on some of the off brands - you might be suprised. may be missing bells and whistles but once hooked up to a computer i'll put any up against samsung or vizio. or go ahead and buy for "brand snob" rights. my 2cents. donnie

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    I decided against a TV. Just too costly but the info was useful and will help in the future!
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    I have a pair of Samsung 55" 240htz 3D HDTV's with 3D blu ray players connected to Yamaha Aventage Surround sound receivers, with Yamaha SACD CD players and all my Speakers and Subwoofers are Polk Audio, i have two exact duplicate systems one in the living room optimized for that space and the second one is in My Bedroom optimized for where my head is on the pillow of course and the living room also has an Xbox which i don't need in my bedroom and both systems are completely WiFi via my Apple Airport Extreme Base Ops Router and will access my netflix ,yahoo,slacker ,pandora and millions of other things including connecting my computer into my TV and using it as a file server for a huge slide show or playing my entire catalog of music on my HD which is over 3000 discs at this point, and nobody makes a usb card large enough to store that file with cd quality to just plug in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Honcho View Post
    I have this:

    It has a wireless network adapter built in, and connects to a wireless router as easily as a laptop, phone, etc. Netflix performance is more dependent upon the speed of your broadband connection through your ISP.

    Since it's connected to my Wifi network, I use my phone as a remote. :-) I love the TV, but, if I finish 25th grade this summer, I might get this year's voice control model.
    I have the same exact tv. It's a network tv. I have a network external hard drive that I connect to my router with music, photos, and videos. I can browse them wirelessly on this tv. I can also browse the videos, music and photos on all my laptops and desktop from this tv. The netflix connection has nothing to do with the tv. I think it has more to do with your internet speed.
    The only feature that I don't use much is the 3d feature.
    This tv is so slim. I have it hung on the living room wall with a cable mount from samsung and it looks like it's part of the wall.
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