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Thread: New chair Q7

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    New chair Q7

    So glad Ez has a chair that fits. I will trAttachment 45006

    Attachment 45007

    Attachment 45008y to get pictures up.

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    congrats on the new chair!!!! looks like you have all the right goodies on it. how do you like that Jay Ion cushion

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    Bob, I will ask him after this weekend as he will be in the chair more than usual. This is the first chair that we have gotten ever.

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    I see few holes at the frame behind the backrest, I thought they will trim it.
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    Cool chair.

    Is that a J3 back?
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    Love the handrims!
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    nice chair

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    Sorry the pictures got so huge! The back is a Invacare matrx elite back. He loves the handrim naturial fit grips.
    Not sure what you mean about the holes at the frame.

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