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    I am dying to own a handcycle to be able to be more mobile, independant, and get myself in shape but at this point i can't afford one. Is there any grants out there that will assist with this i have been looking and looking but i am unable to find any assistance with it. I feel like it would do me so good physically and emotionally to have one....every time i look at a thread about a handcycle or see one online i break out in tears.....

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    Challenged Atheletes Foundation is one place to start.

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    I second Challenged Athletes Foundation. Don't be put off by all super high powered athletes featured on their website; they also fund everyday athletes. They approve a very high percentage of applications.

    Their application period is September 1 - December 1. Put it on your calendar.

    Application info:

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    Thanks i was hoping to get something for summer

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