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Thread: About Medra, Inc!! Did anybody know this institute.

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    Steven, hi

    "....wouldn't work for spinal cord injury. The methods in which they administer the cells -- intravenously [into the bloodstream] and subcutaneously [under the skin] -- won't allow the stem cells to get into the spinal cord to try and regenerate anything."

    Would you explain why? Is this because of the blood-brain barrier? Is it a matter of migration to the injury site? Thanks.


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    lway2002, here is some good info on blood/brain barrier by Dr. Young.

    Post found here

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    mk99 thanks very much. ".....Most cells cannot get across the blood brain barrier but some macrophages and lymphocytes, as well as stem cells, have the ability to cut right into the blood brain barrier and get into the nervous system. They apparently have enzymes that allow them cut a temporary window into the barrier that allows them to slip through." So, this therapy has potential? lway


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    Moreso than any potential problems with crossing the BBB, the stem cells would encounter the glial scar and begin forming astrocytes and glia instead of a large number of new neurons.

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    Steven, thanks.


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    Has anybody from here actually tried this treatment? If so, send me a pt or email... I am talking with someone who is interested in doing a story on it and would love to hear what, if any, results were obtained.

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    Hello, Dr. Richard A. Neubauer, neurologist, of Ocean Hyperbaric Neurologic Center in Ft. Lauderdale (phone (954) 771-4000) has been sending patients to a clinic in the Dominican Republic for years for stem cell treatment. I do not know the name of the clinic. He also treats with Hyperbaric Oxygen. I saw miracles performed with near drowning children, an autistic girl and cerebral palsy children, also a police officer regained his vision after being struck by lightning. Don't know if he is still sending people to the Dominican Republic, I thought the clinic set up a new location in the Bahamas (hope they survived hurricane). Check with his office for more details. The best to everyone. Take care, best wishes and prayers to everyone.

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    Originally posted by Lindox:

    They don't list SCI as one of their treatment
    options I don't believe ..may be wrong there.
    I asked them about they were honest
    in their response to me.

    They do list sci on newer version of their website.....

    Did anyone verified them or their claims?

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    SCI is listed here.

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    My father and my mom's sister's husband both had a stem cell transplant from Dr. Radar. I am so grateful to Dr. Radar. Many people want to bash him without ever knowing what he is doing. Dr. Radar is now working on a cure for AIDS. His stem cells are the best from all the research we have done. It is out government that is holding back this therapy. Instead of bashing this wonderful doctor, those of you who bash him should know what you are talking about. For all those in need or have children with autism or Down Syndrome, don't hesitate. The only downside is that the therapy is expensive. But, it can be also partially tax deductible. I want to put all your mind's at ease if you choose this......... know you are choosing a man who cares and who will do the best for you. Know that he has brought chiidren who were bedridden and unconscious back from oblivion. I hope I can help any of you choosing this to have peace of mind with Dr. Radar.

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