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Thread: About Medra, Inc!! Did anybody know this institute.

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    About Medra, Inc!! Did anybody know this institute.

    I was very afraid of writing this topic. Because I know that I will receive negative or doubtful replies from you/forum members. For about 3 days I was thinking, should I write this topic or not. At last I decide to write.

    While I was making search on the web I find a site that belongs Medra, Inc. 22619 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 125 Malibu, CA 90265 (

    In the "about treatment" link you will see that they are transferring Human Fetal Stem Cell in Dominican Republic.

    Did any body hear anything about this institute? Is this institute reliable or is this another fraud company.

    Sorry for my poor English.

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    mka, please do not be afraid to post about interesting treatments. Everybody, please pay heed. No attacks.

    I don't know much about this company, whether they are legitimate or not.


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    Thank You very much Dr. Wise..

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    Thank you for posting mka! The more informed we are the better!
    I had not heard of Medra before, but will do a little research on them, now that you have made us aware of them.
    Our options should never be limited by preconceived ideas!!!!


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    Rock on!


    Let us know, it would be interseting to find if they have treated anyone with SCI. Looks more legit' than Yasco.

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    While I made a little search on past forums, I have found a previous post written by Dr. Wise regarding Medra Inc.
    Dr. Wise just mentioned the name of this institute.
    It also seemed to me a reliable institute instead of Yasco.
    I was thinking to get in touch with this institute but you know I am not so much well in talking English. Plus talking about an issue in which you are not so much familiar makes everything more hard. Sometimes it is very hard for me to gain information from foreign countries.
    Because of this Care&Cure is a big chance for me to gain information from all around the world. I think there are too many members in this forum in the same situation as me.
    I would like to thank you all for encouraging me.

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    Medra inc is near the middle of the page

    William C. Rader MD is aout halfway down the page.

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    I have seen this address and they do exist.
    I emailed them and received a reply.
    It asked what medical problem I had.
    It also gave a phone number for direct contact.

    I emailed back and they replied at this time
    they had no treatments available for my condition. They gave no information in the emails of their procedures or anything like email to them...
    They don't list SCI as one of their treatment
    options I don't believe ..may be wrong there.
    I asked them about they were honest
    in their response to me.

    You'll never know unless you ask I guess.
    Then do extensive research into their claims
    before even considering investing would be
    my advice.

    Good luck.
    And your English is quite understandable by
    the way.


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    The "fetal stem cell therapy" offered by Medra [both the pluripotent hematopoietic stem cells and neuronal stem cells] might be good for some indications, but wouldn't work for spinal cord injury. The methods in which they administer the cells -- intravenously [into the bloodstream] and subcutaneously [under the skin] -- won't allow the stem cells to get into the spinal cord to try and regenerate anything.


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    Thanks MKA. We need to be as informed as possible about both legitimate and fraudulent claims and treatments.

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