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Thread: Bladder Botox

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    Oh and there is a new med coming out possibly in the FALL f2012 or OAB!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Oh and there is a new med coming out possibly in the FALL f2012 or OAB!!!
    New med? Oral or injectible? Please elaborate.

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    I’m not sure what my capacity is and not sure what PVR is. Since I didn’t have retention before the botox, my Urologist did/does not have me do urodynamics yearly. I did have it 1 year after my injury when it was determined that I emptied completely at low capacity.
    My issue is that whenever I walk more then 15 feet, my bladder releases and since I am a full time walker that is a lot of hurried trips to the restroom.
    Please elaborate on the new med. I would love more information!
    Today is day 8 and I am still urinating on my own and I did not have any urgency issues today. I have however conditioned myself over the last 5 years to use the restroom whenever I start moving around, so it is sometimes hard for me to tell if I am doing better or if I am just better at dealing with it. I don't move around much at work, and I have been at work all day. I'll keep you all updated.
    Woman from Europe it might be worth trying the lower dose in your case. I believe it would be 1/3 of what you received with 30 injections.

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    In my case the neurourologist is a grumpy, old man and the only one in Norway who is doing it. I think he will at least listen to what I say, and do what he want.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I found information about a new drug called Myrbetriq. That may be what CWO was refering to.

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    It may be available in europe

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