Would really appreciate any advice re bladder spasms. I currently cath x4 per day and wear sheath. A couple of weeks ago I had bad bladder spasms - voiding small amounts every few minutes and then very little left in bladder when time to cath.Was convinced I had UTI so took in sample and then started Nitrofurantoin - which stopped the bladder spasms. Urine culture came back as no infection but I continued antibiotics for 1 week due to GP advice.

Now 5 days after stopping antibiotics I have had another day of bladder spasms. My concern is I am due to go on a family beach holiday in 6 days and if I am constantly peeing like today it will ruin my holiday.

When I have previously been on prophylactic Nitrofurantoin this has helped bladder spasms - urologist states I was using the antibiotics to damp the activity of the bladder by reducing bacterial count. (I am now on trospium and waiting botox).

Bearing in mind my worry over upcoming holiday I am going to ask my GP to prescribe 2 weeks of prophylactic Nitrofurantoin which I hope will reduce the chances of any problems while on holiday - can anyone see any problem with this? Also should I have a urine culture done before starting the antibiotics just incase there is something going on that wasnt picked up by the last culture? Also - does anyone know of any super fast acting anticholinergic that I could take with me on holiday and only use if I get bladder spasms?

Many thanks for any advice.