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Thread: Tight stomach

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    Tight stomach

    So listen! C7 here, function basically like a T1. The right side of my stomach has, maybe 6 months or so, been real tight. Actually, it lets me sit up real nice and I can right my self well. I can control the right side of my torso but not the left. The left side has a little pot belly look, not so bad, simply because the muscles are relaxed. What I want to ask is, What stretches would help me loosen my stomach muscles. They are constanly tight and cause some AD sweating, but very minimal depending on position. When I lay flat on my back, both sides get hard as can be, if I could feel it I bet it would hurt. I take zero medicine and dont plan on starting any, so please I am just looking for a real good way to loosen up a rock hard stomach muscle. Thanks,


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    It sounds like your muscle are contracting like a spasm. It is possible there is some kind of irritant that is causing the AD and contraction. If that is the case stretching will not help. Botox injections may help to relax the muscles if you do not want to try a medication.
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    For sure there is a irritant.

    I had my hip replaced 7 months ago and it has not taken exactly the way it should have. I have tried to figure out how to sort out the pain it must be causing but not successful. Dr.'s seem to not want anything to do with fixing me, they ask if it hurts, and I answer NO. Maybe I should say yes. If anyone knows how to stop the AD sweats, or how to diagnosis it. I will be soooooo excited. I have been sleeping on my back sitting up right at a 45 degree angle for months now. When I finally lay on my side, I sweat. I hate these sweats more than being paralyzed.

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    Do you sweat when you lay on both sides or just the side with the hip replacement? AD is your body's pain response in the paralyzed part and I know the misery the sweating causes. I explain it to my doctors that way and insist they deal with it as such. Suffering is suffering in my book. Usually physiatrists are more knowledgeable and understanding than other kinds of docs.
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    Sweat like crazy on both sides. sweat if i sit up and touch my toes. sweat when i twist in my chair hard to the right or left. also when i sit on the edge of the bed and let my feet hang and touch the floor. it sucks.

    How did your doc figure out what was wrong?

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    We never have figured out what is wrong. I am taking amitriptyline (Elavil) and tramidol to stop the sweating and pain.

    Why did you have a hip replacement and what has gone wrong?
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    fell out of chair in a parking lot. hit hard and broke the hip. it dosnt seem to want to stay in socket just right.

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    Thanks. You had your hip relocated. I thought you had an artificial hip put in.

    Given the details, I think your hip is the likely cause of your problem. If it is not properly fixed, the tendons and muscle surrounding the head of the femur may be getting stretched or pinched when any movement occurs. Does the AD occur when they check the range of motion in the hip?
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    im sorry i wrote wrong. i fell out of the wheelchair and broke my hip. the dr replaced it with a artificial hip. the artificial hip does not want to stay in place. the dr says nothing can be done about it except to remove it and leave it cut off and the leg much shorter. i think thats crazy. so living with the pain for now. i would love to find someone to give me the soloution, ive tried several dr's. one more useless than the next.

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    Given the situation, why are you opposed to taking pain meds?

    You are caught between a rock and a hard place. Either you deal with the pain or end up without a hip joint and have a shorter leg. I am in the latter situation. I had the top of my femur removed in 2006 because of a hip infection. The leg being a bit shorter is no big deal. Not having a hip joint is. You will end up tilted to that side and it causes major seating and posture problems. My spine is shaped like the letter "C." Also, I am less stable when I am sitting. Some of this could possibly have been prevented with some seating changes at the onset, but no one anticipated any problems since I do not walk. I am glad I got the opportunity to warn you about this road. I can say that the non-hip gives me no pain/AD.
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