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Thread: am very afraid, nurses please help

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    Quote Originally Posted by josieand1 View Post
    Didn't they think it was a pelvic fracture? That's not what's causing the pain?
    nobody will say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markg View Post
    Hang in there cass! I used to live in Washington too.

    The Seattle VA worked with the University of Washington and the Seattle VA was the best VA Hospital I have ever been to – although I hear the San Diego VA is the absolute best! Unfortunately,I've never been there.

    There was an airport in Dallesport, WA but I don't remember what kind of airplanes flew out of there because it is small. Maybe you know? I also had a family member who was a member of the first flight crew for the MD-80 project.

    I don't know what all this means except that I hope it has distracted you for a few seconds from your pain – and know there are folks that don't post too often following your battle, praying for you, and wishing you a speedy recovery.
    thank you so much, mark. i feel sometimes i shouldn't post any more but your post makes me think i should do an update as i have. thank you. i sure hope this is something they can diagnose and treat as i am going crazy with it. it is nothing i have had in my 26 yrs. of paralysis, which is alarming.

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    I read that before My Holocaust. I shuddered and thought " Not only would I not survive that, I wouldn't want to."

    Yet here I am. No clue why, just "I think, therefore I am."

    Ha. I did learn something in college.

    I know you also know from mini-holocausts. Just remember he loves you. Just b/c he's moving on, makes no diff. As you know, we all need a mom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    I am not privy to all the details of your condition, but I hope that you get enlisted with a pain clinic and a pain support group. Chronic pain is overwhelming and it causes depression and anxiety in addition to dealing with the daily stressors.

    Girl, you need you some oxycodone in a time release. I take one every other day. Id love to not be using a fentanyl patch too, because at this point, Im just dependent on the patch, But while you are trying to find reason for your pain, you need to be able to use your head and find out what is happening to you.
    don't mess around with the thought of ending your life just yet luv, I think you should consider the hysterectomy and treat your pain. and about thoughts of not posting, Please don't do that.

    Cass did you know that if you have a defect at the base of your scull, and you get this thing called autonomia, you get terrible belly pain and nausea that never goes away?
    It is very much like a pregnancy nausea. this may be accompanied by a drastic vision change, ringing in the ears, incredible sweating and heart rate that makes you almost faint, vomiting, explosive shits, sore muscles, awful restless leg, this crazy feeling of dread. this feeling is not in your head, but in your body. It feels like you are waiting for your dad to get home and beat your ass. that kind of dread and foreboding but in your body.
    very sensitive to heat, but cannot keep warm.
    (passing out in the shower) misery with chills.
    It turns out that is a thing called, posteural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.
    it can make your belly hurt terribly, but it is not really your belly. it is the brain sagging into the cervical vertebra. my cervical degeneration is squeezing the carotid's as well.
    Apparently that also gives a person symptoms of ms.
    low blood volume, (anemia). Incredible neck and shoulder muscle pain.
    If the seems familiar go get an MRI with contrast of the brain and brain stem.

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    beth is right about the od. I saw a couple when I checked in the bin for a month after my accident recovery didnt go as I planned and I got all self destructive, but with small kids, I decided to treat the thoughts.

    What treated my suicidal thinking was seeing the failed attempts, and seeing folks who really did let go of their mind. they just let go, and someone else was in charge of them. No Bueno!

    don't give up cass.

    Ya, them vicodin od's was as yellow as #5 golden procion dye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cass View Post
    so, how much vicodin does it take just to check out? or whatever. everybody here seems yo be in favor of choice rather than help. i need an answer. i mean when do i give up? i've read so many posts here on death with dignity which i oppose. so, i'm asking those believers, where is the line?
    The line is where each individual decides for himself. As a very big supporter of death with diginity, like abortion, we don't choose for the individual, but rather support the individual's choice. You say we favor the choice of death rather than help, but you claim nothing helps. What are we to do? We simply support one's choice to end his suffering when he chooses.

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    Cass, I think about you every day. I hope you can find a way to stay with us.

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    get something better for your pain. Iv been taking the oxi about a month, and it is the first time in years I have times with no belly pain.

    Another time I had a twisted ovary, and it took getting extremely sick in the ER for them to just open me up an take a look. It wasnt cancer but my sisters was. She seems ok with diabetes, and this genetic thing that caused the birth defects I have.

    Just don't give up looking, and if they don't find it right away, don't accept it's all in your head. well in your mind anyway, your mind is fine though. besides pain, Mine feels like a bad stitch in the side. (right). Also I had a pelvic hairline fractures, they hurt but you feel it in the bone. there is bruising as well because the pelvic fracture usually bleeds a lot, or I was told when I was very bruised from one.

    The ovary pain is very low, and feels like your hip is hooked over your shoulder, you can't lay flat, or stand up straight without wanting to squat on the floor,

    it is a writhing pain. you cannot help moaning with this pain or gasping for air like hard labor before the epidural only not.
    the cracked pelvis pain, broken tail bone pain hurt with every movement, but the bones bled, and there was bruising.

    My mother and grandmother had cancer. they got a pet scan, after their blood sugar skyrocketed. Both worked with their back and abdominal pain and were sick a very short time. this pain enough to get them to the dr but not bad enough to take em down. That showed up on the pet scan, or in the blood. there were also markers in the blood. C-D 125 or something like that.

    I see how you are thinking, and Iv totally been there, but there may be another less obvious or more obvious answer.

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    I'm not a good source for anything, but I will listen if talking will help. I know we don't live too far from each other, I'll PM my phone number if a warm ear would make you feel a little less lonley. Pain/depression can amplify the bad feelings & hurt and sometimes while it doesn't do any real good, knowing your voice is heard (in real tme) sometimes eases the anxiety a tiny bit.

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    Cass, I am going to repeat what Lynnifer said. The uterus sags (for lack of better words) more in us SCI's the medical community just don't have information on SCI's living 20+ years after injury. It was the most horrible pain I have ever experienced and I was thinking like you too. I went to two Gyns that said "oh you are just aging and come back when it gets worse". Both were male. I went to a third one and she was female. She knew exactly what was wrong. She also had a consult with a Urogynecologist. They specialize in female pain and urinary problems. He said the ligaments expand and stretch as a normal woman ages but SCI women are worse. Being an incomplete, we can't tell what is normal or not normal, it just hurts. My hips were really bad and I thought I had a constant UTI.

    Get a second and third opinion if you have to. Prolapse can cause horrible pain but some gynes will only do surgery when you are a certain degree of prolapse. I siezed right and tore at the moment I had my daughter so I did not get a good repair. They were intubating me while he was closing it.

    I hate it that you are in such agony but I've been there. It is miserable. It seems everything else is checking out fine so I would find a Gyn who has some SCI experience or at least understands or can research that it causes problems.
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