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Thread: am very afraid, nurses please help

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    Quote Originally Posted by cass View Post
    tramadol did nothing for my pain. all it did was make me kinda high and sleepy. still waiting to schedule uterine biopsy but don't really think that is source of pain. this is incredibly frustrating and painful. dr now has called in vicodan. like i'm going to take that soon. why can't they figure out a source? it's been 4 freakin months.

    they don't seem in any hurry to find the source.
    It often takes a few doses for many pain meds to fully work. And start calling your doc for scheduling on a daily basis. If you wait for them it'll take forever. My Dad dealt with a lot of your problems when he retired. I'm kind of surprised your employer didn't send you to a retirement briefing. Dental and glasses are pretty much on you after retirement unless you are VA qualified.
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    CASS. Just sorry you are still dealing with this. No help, but wanted you to know that I am listening.
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    Healing thoughts Cass and prayers for a speedy resolution to your pain issues. I hate that you have to endure this {{{hug}}}

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    FWIW, cass, I'm so very impressed at how well you're staying on top of everything and advocating for yourself even though you've been dealing with horrific pain 24/7 for ages. Your ability to keep pushing for answers and relief is a testament to just how strong you are.

    You have a lot of good friends here at CC who I'm sure would be happy to help lighten your load in any way they can. If you can think of anything they can do remotely to help -- figuring out how to request a case manager at Aetna (a must have!), making calls to schedule the appointments you need or check on cancellations, etc. -- I'm sure all you need to do is ask.

    I'm really sorry the tramadol didn't work, but I'm not at all surprised it didn't. After central pain, bone pain is, IMO, the most difficult to manage, and bone pain in someone with SCI/D even more so. The Vicodin is more on target, but don't hesitate to ask for something even stronger if you're not getting adequate relief after taking the Vicodin exactly as prescribed for three days.

    About the tramadol making you sleepy and high. Since your body is opiate naive, it's highly likely any pain med you're prescribed for the pelvic fracture will also cause you to feel at least a little sleepy and stoned. These side effects will lessen over time.

    One other thought about the pain meds -- they are constipating. To help minimize problems, start taking stool softeners and increasing your water intake the day you take your first dose.

    Thinking of you.
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

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    thank you everybody. hip, your post made me cry the most as i feel so alone. i would not have thought of asking anyone here to do anything except listen. i called docs again today, called lab where my bloodwork was denied as not medically necessary (was my usual yearly physical, for petes sale) and i have a phone number direct to billing person who had the collection activity removed a few months ago due to their error. i spoke to her and she is as baffled as i am and said don't worry, she'd track it down. i wish all billing ppl were like her. i still have yet to see bill for $11,000 cystoscopy or be scheduled for uterine biopsy.

    anyway, just wanted to say thank you. i sure hope others don't deal with all this.

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    Bone pain is in a class all it's own, and often bones/orthopedic surgeries take a long time to heal. THC has excellent advice. You'll heal faster if your pain is managed well.

    All the best to you

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    for anybody still following: i still have bad pelvic pain, no answers. had uterine biopsy thursday, pain been worse since tho gyn seemed to think uterus looked ok. won't know until biopsy results. dunno where to go from here. something is terribly wrong and they aren't finding it. i am so depressed and ready to give up.

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    When I had the prolapse, I saw a gyne in my area and an emergency physician in London (2hrs away). Both said, "Oh it's just a tiny prolapse." In fact the first doctor said to come back, "When it falls out." Both didn't have accessible tables and it was quite a lift for me - exactly what you DON'T want to be doing if there's a prolapse.

    What the hell kind of advice is that to give to a paralyzed woman anyway? I can definitely relate on the pain .. and I didn't have neuro pain on top but I found the burning/tingling was more intense in my feet then. I would double over in pain or be in the fetal position in bed. Learned to sleep with a heating pad with a timer.

    When I arrived in Toronto, all equipment was accessible and I was met with total understanding on how this was affecting my bowel/bladder and life and surgery to remove the uterus was planned right away (though I waited and waited for the actual surgical date!). Pain is going to lead to depression. Try another opinion if you can. There is no research in this area which is really frustrating ... do you have access to an SCI doc?
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    I hang on evry post you write Cass and agonize that I can't help or take the pain from you for myself to endure so you could rest awhile. I have such concern for you.

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    so, how much vicodin does it take just to check out? or whatever. everybody here seems yo be in favor of choice rather than help. i need an answer. i mean when do i give up? i've read so many posts here on death with dignity which i oppose. so, i'm asking those believers, where is the line?
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