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Thread: ? What has become of dancing?

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    ? What has become of dancing?

    KK...back in the day...back in the late 80s, when I used to be on my feet, we used to ASK a woman to dance with us, right? Well I go out to the clubs now...and you just don't DO that anymore, eh? people don't ASK! They basically go out...and stick their crotch in somebody that they don't knows face on the dance floor. It's called "grinding" or something like that. What IS that anyway?

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    I don't go to clubs but when I go to concerts I dance my face off and when I say dance my face off I mean I'm moving my hands around like a pyscho. It goes well with the type of music I listen too though, I can't imagine dancing to hip hop in a wheelchair.

    Also the world is a physical place. When I use to walk I did very little talking when it came to finding a dance partner, its more of a physical/sexual beast.
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