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Thread: Dr. Wise?? Need help anyone? Thank you for reading.

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    Dr. Wise?? Need help anyone? Thank you for reading.

    This is my MRI report. March 2011

    C2-C5 all demonstrate central disc protrusion with mild unconvertebral joint and facet joint hypertrophy and no neural compromise.

    C5/C6 left paracentral disc extrusion with mild unconvertebral joint &facet joint hypertrophy. Dimensions of disc are 11x2.2x6mm (transverse x AP x cranio caudal) Moderate to severe left foraminal narrowing with potential to impinge C6 nerve root. Mild spinal canal narrowing.

    C6/C7 central disc protrusion with mild unconvertebral joint and facet joint hypertrophy.The disc just contacts anterior aspect cervical spinal cord. No neural compromise.

    T5/T6 small right paracentral disc protrusion with annual fissuring and contact and mild flattening of right anterior aspect thoracic cord. Neural exit foramina and spinal canal adequate. Scoliosis convex to left centered at T5/T6

    I have been reviewed by an orthopaedic spine specialist and he has said that there is nothing in my MRI films that alarms him or warrants surgery.

    My problem of course is pain, sometimes burning, & tightness in back where bra line is. I haven't been told how to deal with that. Also sometimes my hands sting (both of them) sometimes only 1 stings.

    I also have one more issue. In November 2011 last year I started having patches of tingling/numbness around my body mostly legs,butt,and inner thighs bilaterally. Also within 2 weeks elbow, arms and head were involved too. It's a migrating numbness. I have seen a neurologist and all reflexes normal purely sensory and possibly autoimmune due to thyroid malfunction (hyper state) or reaction to antibiotic. It has not gotten any worse since last November.

    My questions. Is it likely that a thoracic/ cervical disc issue can manifest a symptom so much higher up than the level of injury such as numbness in top of head??

    Also any insight or thoughts on my MRI and also some thoughts on how to manage myself and pain. Is using anti-inflammatory cream on thoracic spine ok? I am fit, normal weight, good diet, non smoker, non drinker female. Any information would be very much appreciated.
    God Bless

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    Were any other recommendations made besides no surgery? like PT? or local injections? What medications are you on for pain management? Neuropathic (nerve) pain medications like lyrica or gabapentin are first line.


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    Thank you for your reply. I take nothing for the spinal pain. Spine specialist said surgery was not necessary at this stage. He said if I get bad radiculopathy I may get some nerve blocks.

    My main concern was the nubness(migrating) that came on and I am working with a neuro now to try to find the cause. In 7 months its purely sensory and seemed to come on after stretching my back/lumbar/legs. I take Advil for that maybe 2 a day because I also have painful pins and needles.

    I also take cabrimozole.
    Iron& vitamin D deficient too.

    Thank you

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    You may want to consider asking for gabapentin which is first line neuropathic pain treatment. start low go slow titrating the dose upward - 300 mg by mouth x3/day baseline dose for one week, look at side effects and consider increasing from there. It's a place to start.


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