Am new here. 8-2010 I have 4 AV fistulas bleed at the same time at about C4. Happened while I was at the hospital so went on life support. Major SAH occurred and I was saved by the dept. chair. Spent 2 months in the hospital; the second in a rehab hospital setting. Thought that I got away with something (except for having to cath) because I ended up largely intact. Now I start having trouble walking. A CT Myleogram shows extensive adhesions and tethering from C5 thru T11. Walking getting harder and rapidly so. I see another neurosurgeon this week but I cannot find any info on any patients having an SAH followed by adhesions and tethering and what to expect from here on. I am a 66 year-old male. Would love any advice and maybe pointing to research in this arena. Thanks for reading. I am quite concerned for my future mobility.