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Thread: Playing Guitar

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimi83 View Post
    Hey, sorry to bring back this old thread, but Google led me here after searching for wheelchair + learning guitar. I wanted to share some of my findings in hopes this will help other para wannabe-shredders

    In terms of playing posture, I went out and bought a Dynarest cushion, and it works well with my dreadnaught acoustic guitar. I go back and forth playing with and without it, still testing it out to be honest.

    I think @SCIfor55yrs. has a great idea searching youtube for wheelchair + guitar to get some ideas on playing postures, to answer OPs original concern - though I hope he figured something out by now

    I?m loving the photos of your axes, I?ll have to snap a good one and post it. I?m lucky to own a beautiful Taylor 7-series? now I just have to learn how to play it properly. I was reading up on what online guitar lessons are recommended... man, what a wasteland of bad sites. Finally found one decent one, they review the 4 Best Websites for Online Guitar Lessons. I started on JamPlay. OP are you still doing online lessons, and if so, what did you pick (free? paid?), how do you like them / did you keep it up? I?m loving it thus far, but I?m super early.

    Indeed, I really like the Dynarest cushion, too. I've been playing since forever ago, don't really need "lessons", so to speak, but I really enjoy YouTuber "guitarlessons365" for his daily song lessons. Not always something I want to learn, but his instructional style suits me. His archive of songs is deep and eclectic and I Always find something I like when I look through it.

    Congrats on the Taylor! I went through a Taylor phase, added a few to my collection, and aside from my first one, a GC-7 is the only one I still own and play regularly. The 7 series is perfect for me! Style and tone wise, both. Love it! I'm sure you will too!
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    Try a ukulele. So much easier to hold and play. I play tenor and baritone ukes. The baritone is tuned like the top 4strings of a guitar;D,G,B,E. I played guitar for 56 years and struggled with balance and the longer reach of a guitar. The uke brought music back into my life. So much so I lead a uke group of up to 30 people doing gigs at assisted living homes and other venues. I also play a uke bass which is so much fun.

    I've got many guitars worth thousands of dollars lying dormant in my closet while the mighty ukes I own are played daily.

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