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Thread: Who has a scary Halloween story?

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    Who has a scary Halloween story?

    I will start. I dont't go out for Halloween anymore because people think my Quickie 2 is part of the costume.
    Once, a woman tried to burn me with her cigarette to prove I was faking it. I doused her cig with my drink.

    Another year, a guy asked me if I was Leon Klinghoffer, a wheelchair using guy who got thrown off a cruise ship by Palestinian terrorists in 1985.

    Then some drunk asked me if I was Dr. Strangelove.

    Why can't I be Chris Reeve, Larry Flynt or Stephen Hawking?

    Can you top those?

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    Sorry you had to waste your drink. My scary story: I got married on Halloween.

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    For the last few years I've been lieutenant dan from Forrest Gump! Wife's idea... People laugh. Gotta roll with it!

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    I LOVE Halloween! My friends and I dress up and go flaunt our get ups! I especially love that my wc is mistaken as part of my costume! :) I have felt a bit awkward when tourists/strangers are photographing my besties and i but later in the night all of us in costume are taking photos w each other :)

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