Hey Everyone!

I need some advice. I have never had this problem before, so I am not sure if it is something I can adjust myself or if I need to take it into my DME shop. Hate to do that because they charge a min labor of 1 hour.

Let me try to explain this as best and clear as possible. I have a TiLite ZRA with quick release axles. Spinergy Tires and rims. High pressure tubes. Recently when I put my tires on after getting out of the car. The axles don't fit as "snug" as before. Meaning when I check to make sure they are locked in. They have some "play" in them and will move back and forth just a little so to speak. I can jiggle the wheel and it slides a little from the base on my chair. Not presenting much of a problem truly, just has me a bit concerned because until recently they fit really "snug" I was reading my manual and there is a bolt on the axle itself that I guess you can adjust somewhat to make the tire sit closer to the slot the axle goes into--but it suggests not to adjust this yourself or you could have your wheels come off and cause a safety issue. Hope I explained that where everyone could understand what I am asking! Any help would be great, thanks!