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Thread: Ideal cushion for car?

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    Ideal cushion for car?

    I recently made a 5 hour car trip without cushion and I'm already candidate for a sore. I even tried to sit on a cushion before departure, (the Varilite Evolution I currently use on my chair, or a spare Star Starlock and a Jay Extreme I have) but all were too high for the drivers seat and I couldn't be set properly and drive).
    Any advise for an ideal car-cushion? I'm currently thinking of the Supracor Silver or the Roho Low Profile, will they fit and do the job though, anybody use them in the car?

    Appreciate your feedback
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    Im using ROHO® MOSAIC® Cushion when i drive and as everyday cushion. Just made a 13 1/2 hour trip in it, more comfortable then the Roho low profile, a bit higher but a lot cheaper, $80 in ebay.
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    Regarding "... too high for the drivers seat ... Any advise ... " - one option entails the same technique employed by a gentleman here named Scott who uses a Stimulite cushion placed into a cut out portion of his driver's seat.

    The Supracor Stimulite Silver cushion that you mentioned is approximately 1.5 inches thick. For something even thinner, Supracor also makes a 1 inch thick, 2' x 2' square sheet that; from Wheelchair Cushion Sage, sells for approximately the same as a standard size Stimulite Silver. If desired, the 1 inch thick sheet could be cut and used for multiple purposes.

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    you can buy sheets of supracor in different density. It's worked better for me than anything else. keeps you low and contoured to the seat and allows skin to breathe. I think sells it?
    good luck

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    I use a low profile RoHo, but it's only good for about two hours. If you drive for longer periods of time, you might need to do some pressure relief like lying to the side.

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    Thumbs up car cushion

    Supracor sport cut fit car seat with the sock type cover works great on 10-11 hr road trip Nor Cal to San Diego,

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    the roho mosaic here too.
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    anything by supracor.

    why: maintenance-free, breathable, and performance isn't really affected by extreme heat or cold.

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    Thank you guys, I think Supracor is the case here, also because I can custom-cut it to fit the driver seat..
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    I like a nice big Roho low profile, quattro. I dont mind adjusting when needed. I think they do better for me with sheering, and that seems to be pretty high, IMO, when driving (turning, braking mostly).

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