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Thread: 2 years ago. It flew by so fast

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    Me and my friend are still super close. She remained a bridesmaid. We talked last night and she's actually doing better than expected

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    Quote Originally Posted by ECUrach85 View Post
    Thanks to everyone for your support these past 2 yrs
    I absolutely love your website. Very inspiring! Good luck in all of your future endeavors!
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    Anniversary dates are tough. Hitting the two year mark was tough on us too. Before we hit that two year mark we had more hope of any return, now, eh, not so much and it hits you like a brick. You toss off the brick, have a moment and continue to kick ass.

    You have plowed through what you need to learn, gained independence, tried out sports, etc......even advocacy! Just awesome. You've come a long way chica.

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    I'll be 3 years on May 31st, also my Mothers Birthday. If only I could change the day. I am fine being paralyzed, life is what it is. Just hate seeing mom think about me rather than enjoy her day. Strive for independence, you will be thrilled with your accomplishments, and your mom will think its a super nice gift. All the best!


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    Weird how we gotta be the strong one for those around us eh?

    I like your goals... learning to drive and doing your transfers will be so helpful! It's great to be able to go where you want, by yourself if you want, at any time of day. I used to have to rely on my parents & GF to help me in/out of bed, and friends to drive me places. Of course that also had to be on their schedule. Once I figured it out on my own, life got that much better. MAJOR quality of life improvements on the way
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    Congrats, you have done well. The only way to beat SCI is to not let it beat you! OK, lets get that transfer down pat.
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