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Thread: Yea, New Chair Pics

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    Sweet! I like the lime green accents, and hot pink would go well with it! It's a girl thing!

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    Thanks everyone! I have a nice little list going of adjustments to make. I SO appreciate the input. She was able to really use it a lot the other night when we met her sister (back from a great school trip to Cuba) at the airport. She did well on the perfect surfaces but the parking lot, sidewalk and other rough surfaces were tough and I had to help out. She woke up with sore shoulders. She is starting to use resistance bands to squeeze all we can out of her muscles.

    We'll get her dialed in yet!

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    Excellent news! Isn't it great we have CC for help with things like this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Domosoyo View Post
    My daughter's new chair came in and she loves it so far. Thanks to everyone that contributed valuable info. In the end she went with the ZRA because she like how the demo felt. I kind of think it was also the cool tatooing and lime green accents...hey she is a teen. I'm holding back on the pink spoke Spinergys for now. Her current wheels are kind of, eh, though so we could be getting new ones sooner rather than later. She also has us take out the arm rest/guard about half the time.

    Tuesday we will get this adjusted again. (One more freebie from the vendor.) I've been reading past threads and watching youtube videos on seating position and adjusting like crazy. Tuesday I think we are adding more dump, the tires a bit more forward and adjusting the footplate.

    Here's a few pics for ya:
    Attachment 44958

    Attachment 44959

    Attachment 44960
    Seems like not fitting her very well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sowseng View Post
    Seems like not fitting her very well.
    Somewhat true, but not very helpful. Nothing that can't be fixed. That's what's nice about a TiLite ZRa - most everything is adjustable.

    From the pictures it seems they angled the footrest like that in an effort to bring her legs up but it's just not enough. I would get some footplate extensions installed (see item #10 in link) -

    They don't need to be ordered from TiLite, they are just some lengths of pipe, called "stand-offs" by tradespeople. Should be able to find some at the hardware store with some bolts long enough (they are counter-sunk head to keep them flush with the footplate) I'm thinking 3" should do it. After installing them get that footplate angled back the other way to keep her heels down, this will help keep her feet on the footplate over bumpy terrain.

    I've seen people duct-tape a block of wood on top of the footplate for the same effect, but that would destroy the looks of that chair...

    Another thing I see is that her cushion is right against the back of her knees. Is there anyway to shove it as far back into the backrest so there is 1-2 inches clearance between the back of her knees and the front of cushion?

    Otherwise looks ok. Good luck.

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