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Thread: most comfortable mattress?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt Leatherbee View Post
    I've really thought lately about just getting rid of this bed which would be a shame because it cost so much,
    I would love to get rid of mine, too, but it's the same for me - it was so expensive that I don't know how to justify giving it the heave-ho (not that I could move it even an inch). And it seems to be a good mattress from the standpoint of pressure. But it's so heavy and solid, it seems like a permanent fixture in the house, not much different from a bathtub or fireplace.

    Well, I hope that those green swinger sheets will at least make yours more's to finding ways of making peace with Tempurpedic until something better comes along!

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    I have an adjustable queen Sleep Number bed I think it is amazing. I came from a cheap box spring mattress that hurt me sooo bad. I like that I can lift the head and foot of the bed up and it also vibrates. It was expensive but they have financing available. Or check QVC they have them on there for decent flex pay payments only thing is you have to put it together yourself.

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    Have your tried air beds?

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    What is up gang. I have been doubling my supracor dreamcor mattress as a stretch/training surface and bed. A third of the bed is super extra-extra firm, that being the center section. the third on the head and foot of the bed just nicely firm. the bed is nice for drooling as it will not create a puddle and your nice sleep will not be ruined just to turn. (drooler when super tired) Transfers were scary initially as there is so much bounce and turning on to your stomach will seems easier. This bed runs cool and doesnt weight much. the biggest thing is you really have to enjoy a extra firm surface.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fromnwmont View Post
    Bon: We did call & you are correct it was a hassle not sure they understood in beginning all we wanted was name/maker they acted like we wanted to sue them at first then informed us the maker, makes them exclusively. For Hilton but it was a sealey... thanks for the idea though
    You might call Hilton Headquarters directly. I know with many hotels, they have a catalog to sell thing such as their bedding, robes, etc, etc, etc. I know Marriott does this for certain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by russianrob View Post
    You might call Hilton Headquarters directly. I know with many hotels, they have a catalog to sell thing such as their bedding, robes, etc, etc, etc. I know Marriott does this for certain.
    That is a great idea.

    Looking at air mattresses online, the price range seems to be similar to Tempurpedic - but air mattresses sound so much more user-friendly, for the money. A mattress that adapts to the person using it, what a concept! No more lugging toppers on and off to compensate for the uniform firmness of foam.

    One thing I know for sure, fromnwmont: you're really smart to try many types of mattresses before buying. There was a brief period of time when I talked myself into thinking the Tempurpedic was The One (it was so expensive, I couldn't afford not to) - and for many people, it really is. With so many options available these days, I know you'll find a mattress that will really work well for you.

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    I have a Comfortaire bed. Same as the sleep numbers but less expensive. After having it for close to ten years the pillow topper was crushed. Called them up and ordered a new topper and the foam that goes over the air chambers for about 300 bucks. In effect I ended up with a new bed for that price.

    I love my bed. Air it up to get in and out while it is firm. Air it down to where I don't feel the rods in my back at night to sleep. Never had a skin issue either.

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    Will definately try out the air beds thanks for everyones ideas!! never would have thought satin sheets would make it easier to move on the foam types. Would be nice to not wake up stiff as a board with sore spots.

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