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Thread: Tire Help Needed

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    Quote Originally Posted by elizabeth422 View Post

    I have recently switched from solid tires to air ones and i LOVE them however I am having a lot of trouble with flats. I replace the blown tube fill it up and within a day or two the tube explodes. what is the reason and how can i stop it.
    I think Schwalbe makes the best rim tape. I think you are pinching the tubes when installing them. When I have the same problem, that's the cause.

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    Velox cloth rim tape is another classic brand that has stood the test of time.

    A bike shop is your best bet for the first go around.
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    unfortunately there are no bike shops near me so im gonna have to try it on my own thanks everyone for the help

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    a heavy cloth medical tape or good vinyl electrical tape will work, just wrap it several times. what you are trying to do is cover up the spoke ends.

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    Check out youtube vids, there are a lot out there that have good tips on seating the tire/tube correctly so you don't get pinch flats.

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    I've used electric tape for years. Two wraps around, then poke a hole in it for the valve stem. Use silicon spray on the tube to make it slippery when you put the tire on. Watch carefully that you don't pinch the tube with tools as you put it back together.

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