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Thread: Going to get a new power chair...

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    Going to get a new power chair...

    What all do I need to get from my doctor? Letter for why I need a new chair? Anything else?


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    What info and paperwork you need depends on who is going to pay for it. If you have a big pile of cash you can go out and buy one just like a car. Even then it is worthwhile getting a wheelchair and seating evaluation by an experienced professional.
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    Sorry, should have that. It's going to be paid by insurance. Blue Cross

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    I had to get a prescription from my doctor ordering a chair and cushion evaluation. I had to go to a physical therapist, certified in cushion and chair seating. She sent her recommendations to my doctor and he wrote up the order. It took about 5 months for everything to be completed.

    I hope this helps.
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