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Thread: Moving to Austin, TX

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    Moving to Austin, TX

    Hello, I am moving to Austin this summer, 1 August is the target date. I have not located a place to live. I am finding it is very expensive. I understand TX was not effected by the real estate melt down like most of the nation, but wow! I am looking for a 2 bedroom condo. I am hoping to keep my commute to no more than 30 minutes. Our office will be located in the Westlake area.

    Anyway, does anyone have any helpful information pertaining to Austin regarding medical supply stores to have wheelchair and chair topper maintained?

    Any information in general would be much appreciated.

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    Lisa, I haven't been in Austin in over 30 years, so can't give you any current advice. Back then, though, it was a lovely city with a lot of great people, music, and food. We loved it there, and the surrounding area as well.
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    no advice, but I loved living in austin! I moved back to indiana due to the cost of living. But back then I still had my horses, and mostly the problem was board cost twice what it did in indiana.
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    Hi Lisa, I've lived in Austin for 10yrs now. You are right on housing cost, some of the highest in state. The demand for housing has kept prices high. It truly is a sellers market. The far south and east (Buda, Kyle, Elgin) areas are more starter communities, cheaper markets, but explosive growth has put cities under stress. Areas like Westlake, Lakeway and downtown are high rent districts. If you are younger, Austin has the nightlife. Traffic can be simply awful and double your commute times. I have never figured out rush hours for I've been in bumper to bumper at 10:00pm at night. Austin is a very diverse town where hippies and rednecks can put aside their differences and enjoy some live music and beer together. Austin has two mottos. "Keep Austin Weird", "Live Music Capital" Though it's lost some of it's small town charms, it's still a great place to live.. Travis Medical and Advance Mobility in Buda are the companies I use for medical services. Feel free to email me if I can answer any questions for you on town..

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    Thanks Donno & Lin for the reply.

    quad80 thanks for the information. I am very excited to move, and I love music I am originally from TX, but I haven't lived there for many years. I lived in Tampa for many years. I am not into the bar scene, but I am a young 48. I like to go out every once in awhile...especially good food & wine.

    I heard the traffice was terrible, and I am not looking forward to it. I am hoping they will reconsider the office location.
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    Contact NetoAnAstro who lives near Ausrin in Buda, TX. Perhaps he can help you with your transition.
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    Reviving this thread out of curiosity to get more current feedback.

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    Did you move to Austin, Stephen? I've considered looking for work out there, being a tech hub and all. Seemed nice when I visited a few times last year.

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    Hi Dan, I'm presently living in Los Angeles and with my son graduating from high school this June I was considering relocating out of state but have decided not to.

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