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Thread: Electric Vehicle?

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    Electric Vehicle?

    Does anyone know of any US highway capable electric vehicles that one can use with an electric wheelchair? The Kenguru is an interesting concept, but its low max speed makes it somewhat impractical. I would also consider a larger vehicle, like a cargo van with a lift. I wouldn't have to drive from my wheelchair, but there would have to be a means of getting the chair in the vehicle. Have there been any conversions to any standard electric vehicles? The thought of not having to deal with filling at gas stations is wonderful. Having a smaller vehicle like the Kenguru that could solve a lot of parking challenges would also be great. Is there anything out there or on the horizon?
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    There are several designed for surface street travel, but I have not seen any that are safe for freeway (55+ MPH) travel. Here are the slower ones I know about. Some are more like scooters or motorbikes, and not all are actually in production:

    And of course the Kenguru you mentioned: which I understand is made is Texas, but does not have a USA distributor currently....

    The Karsan (Turkey) Concept V1 was proposed for the NYC taxi fleet (lost out to an inaccessible vehicle...currently in the courts), but is not yet available in the USA either. It has an electric option:


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    Thanks, still hoping someone knows of some faster vehicles. BTW-while I don't have to drive from my chair, what I meant was that I could transfer to a driver's seat. I'm not interested in vehicles that only allow for the transport of the wheeler as a passenger.
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    The Ford Transit Connect is available. Although pricey like all EVs I believe that it could be adapted with a lift or ramp. It has a range of 80 miles. See the review:
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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