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Thread: Stool Softeners / Laxatives?

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    Thank you for your response. What dosage would you recommend to get started?

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Softeners like Colace are unlikely to cause accidents (unlike laxatives and stimulants) because they do not increase peristalsis.

    If you take too much, and the stool is way too soft, then accidents are possible, esp. if you have a LMN (lower motor neuron or flaccid anal sphincter). Softeners should not be taken "as needed" but routinely (unlike stimulants and laxatives). If you wait until your stool is hard before taking them, it will be just that much longer before you get a good consistency stool.


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    Using the 250 mg. dose capsules, start with 2 daily. If your stool is too soft after 3 days, cut back to one. If still too hard, increase to 3 daily. You can go up to 1000 mg. daily (4 capsules).


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    Read this for Colace active ingredients.

    By the way, propylene glycol is anti-freeze.
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    KLD... why taking senna will be harmful down the road? i have been taking the pill since my injury in '08. I take one pill every night and a stool softner... I do my BM every other day.

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    Senna is a laxative, which increases peristalsis. It becomes "addicting" to your intestine - ie., your intestine needs it to function. Most people do not stay on senna for the long term, but I do know a few who have been on it because that is the only way they feel their program works.

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    I'd like to know about the 5.00$ a month for the magic bullet as well.
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    Broken Doll & Liz I get the 10 pack at Express Medical for $6.95. I only use 1/4 to 1/3 per bowel program. I have my bowel program every other day. It was just a figure I threw out there but it actually cost me less. $6.95 (pkg. of 10) divided by 10 in a pkg = .695 per mb. .695 per bullet divided by 4 (using 1/4) = .174 for each bowel program x 15 days per month (bowel program every other day) = $2.61 cost per month if I use a 1/3 it would be a few pennies more but still under $5.00.

    Thanks for asking how much colace to take. Thanks KLD for explaining.

    I still would like to know about Aloe Vera. The internet says it safe. Is it okay?

    6 shooter that's why I'd like to do herbal if it's safe.

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    Thanks KLD... for that info. I was never told that...I'm going to take the senna everyother day, to see if there is a difference in my BM.

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    I consume 15ml Lactulose every night before sleeping. That should be stool softener. Before i consumed liquid paraffin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirly Idol View Post
    Before i consumed liquid paraffin
    Didn't that keep your candle burning all night long??

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