Hi guys, in a few weeks i`m going to Oracing factory to made my new chair, and this is going to be the last one, i`m a bit sick of cool ultralight wheelchairs , so it`s going to be built for last forever, well probably after a while i will change my mind and i will change again next chair .

But basically i want to built an ultralight chair, but where save a pound is not going to be the most important, i want an ultralight that could last forever, for guys that dosen`t have the same luck as me or don`t have too much money, they only should spend their money one time in their life for be seating the rest in some of the best things for them.

Well, i`ve got the desing, and was just for if you could give me some ideas about pics or something to do in the video for the spanish review.
This is the video of the last one what else i could do?

So if you have any suggestion let me know, thanks.