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Thread: colours/tilite rear axles

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    colours/tilite rear axles

    are colours rear axles the same size as a tilite zra?
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    the reason i'm asking is cause i won some spinergys on ebay and they have colours axles in them. i'm hoping they'll work on my tilite zra.

    anybody know anything??????

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    I don't know, but if you mean the quick release axles, they should be the same diameter (i.e., 1/2"), but they might be a different length.

    When I read your first post, I was thinking you meant camber tube - I really don't know that.

    If they don't fit (i.e., wrong length), you can adjust them or get a pair the right length online (e.g., Sportaid). You might even be able to use your existing axles in the Spinergies.

    If they are the wrong diameter (which I doubt), you may be able to change out the bearings to fit the right diameter.

    Congrats on winning the set!! I bet they'll work.
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    The diameter will definitely fit, and if the length is too long, you can get 1/2" i.d. brass washers that will allow you to use the axles. There is a little adjustment to the length of the axles if they miss by < 1/4".
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    thanks for the help fellaS...........

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    This is a chart I used about two years ago. If it is still relevant it looks like TiLite and Colours axles / wheels should be compatible.

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    ..and if you happen to need to order different length axles (or anyone else is interested) I order from because they are about one third the price of anywhere else.

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