....... "and then we'll go fishing !" And the rest as they say is history !

From that moment on 14 years ago our new life as a sci household began. So much has happened during that time it's a blur - we're older now - our 4 kids are grown and we have 2 grandchildren (a little girl born a couple of days ago ) We've moved a few times and endured many lengthy hospital stays and health concerns - his and mine. Looking back I don't know where we got the energy - but we've persevered. Money is always tight but we somehow find a way!

I won't lie - it hasn't always been easy and we have some bad days even now. But I know it would have been so much harder without the knowledge I gained by coming to CareCure all those years ago - it empowered me - and as a result I've been able to give a little back. I owe Dr.Young, the Nurses and all of you a debt of gratitude for helping make a difficult life a little less so !

So thank you and I wish you blessings and peace always !