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    I dont know if this has been asked in the past by someone else but i have a question i need help with...The handrims on my chair are looking pretty ruff from years of bumping things. Has anyone ever used bike handle bar tape on their rims? What i i put on them to make them look better and that i would be able to change when they start looking ruff again?????

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    sandpaper and a coat of paint? (assuming they are uncoated)

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    push rims

    Try using a round file to take burs off

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    the problem is they were coated and then someoen painted them so now they are scratched up im wanting someone that i can replace when it looks bad

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    pick-up truck bedliner?

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    does that leave a residue when you take it off?

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    I use a cheap diamond fingernail file to smooth out the burrs. If you want them to look better, remove all of the paint, and have them lightly sandblasted. Now the dings won't show up as much.
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    You can go through Sportaid to get them recoated by TAG in Ohio. $75

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    Wrapping them in hockey tape might work for you.

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