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Thread: Permobil Permolock

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    Permobil Permolock

    Has anyone used Permobils lock down system in there van I purchased this system and i am having trouble with it. Has anyone else using this system with info good or bad. it wiil not lock when i drive chair into it sometimes then sometimes it will not release any ideas

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    I have a C500vs with the Permolock system. At first I had many of the problems you are describing. I switched installation companies, found a guy that knew what he was doing, and now it works first time every time.

    He said that it is important that the floor unit and the chair are perfectly parallel. He also filed the "Y" grove to remove metal burrs and applied some synthetic grease.

    The system works great when adjusted correctly, so I would find someone else to look at it.

    I especially like the retractable pin on the chair.

    BTW, here's the installation manual: OM_US_Permolock_C.pdf

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    Thanks for you for information my system is the permolock c3 so it is a little different. My chair is a M400 and the C3 lock down is the one pemobil puts on it. The chair has two pins under the chair that will retract if i go over something to high its a good system. My dealer found out that we got a faulty module they shipped new one now works

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