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Thread: It's Becoming Fairly Obvious

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    It's Becoming Fairly Obvious

    that people in the future will merge with machines.

    This butt-steered device may not work for everyone, but some of the concepts will find a place in the "wheelchair" of the future.

    The convergence of the reality of people living longer and technology becoming the dominant new frontier promises that the advance of assistive device technology will leapfrog into the future. Computers and motors and virtual reality and bioengineering and ??? will produce a new concept of "normal." We currently have production cars that park themselves. Self-driving cars should go into line production in the very near future. Barring a complete devolution of humanity, big things will happen in the next two decades.

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    I agree, this is how I see the future too. Maybe not in my lifetime. But I can definitely see a future with bionic "upgrades". Eyes that can see in the dark and have 12x zoom etc. It will be interesting.

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    Unless this comes with the Hitachi wand attachment this thing is Roomba/horderves tray holder.
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