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Thread: semi-pneumatic caster

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    semi-pneumatic caster

    this may sound ignorant but what does "semi-pneumatic" caster mean? is it like softroll?

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    The semi-pneumatic tires are like the ones I used to have on my wagon. They look like solid rubber, but instead of having an inflatable tube are hollow. The cushioning comes from the rigidity of the sidewalls rather than air pressure.
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    It was an honest question and far from being ignorant. I had no clue either. It is wisdom like Donno that educates us to learn. I was injured five years ago and SCI is a major learning curve from the outside world.

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    I didn't know either.

    Thanks for asking rollin; thanks for answering Don
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    guess i asked a useful question instead of an ignant one, lol. thanks donno. i've always wondered about that.

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