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Thread: Wheelchair needs/requirements analysis

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    Wheelchair needs/requirements analysis

    We are at the beginning stage to purchase a new ultralight wheelchair along with a power assist device. After some fairly exhaustive research, I don't see any good needs/requirements information for initiating the process to determine the nature and scope of our needs.

    I work in software development, and analyzing needs/requirements is always the first stage of the initiating stage:
    • analyzing the needs/requirements in measurable goals
    • reviewing of the current operations
    • financial analysis of the costs and benefits including a budget
    • stakeholder analysis, including user, and support personnel
    • project charter including costs, tasks, deliverables, and schedule

    We are going to have a tough fight to get financing and it would be great if I could find an existing methodology for this, i.e., templates. I would much rather deliver this information up-front than to need to deal with the bureaucratic hassles.

    Any input?

    N.B. We live in Holland, so things work differently than in the U.S. with insurance, Medicare, etc. and I will need to justify everything.

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    Here is a template that helps break down the needs and = justification. It has been helpful in assisting me break down what I want and need.
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    Thanks @cheesecake. That is the type of information I am looking for. We have to convince them why a power wheelchair is not working for us.
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