In a previous life, all I ever enjoyed doing was driving, or working on my cars and motorcycles. It wasn't my job but I loved it as a hobby. Since my accident I have been extremely patient and wanting to know everything there is to know about hand controls. I wanted to know the safety, the mechanics, and the probability that I could get stuck somewhere with no help. Right out of the hospital I took a drivers evaluation. The controls that I used were the Generic right side mount, push down for gas push toward the dash for the brake. I passed the eval without any issues. I was independent in close to 90% of my life at that point. I bought a car. A car i spent 8 months looking for. However getting into the car I was questioning the logic that the drivers rehab facility was seeing. I wondered, What if I was T-boned? What is preventing the controls from being pinned to the floor if I was hit in the side of the car. I called everyone looking for answers. I called suppliers, I called my OT, and the drivers rehab facility. No answers. I went a year with out driving. My car sat in my garage and every place I needed to go I was driven there by someone. A few weeks ago I got the itch to start up again. I had to take another Eval because it had been a year. However this time I was going to do things my way. I knew the controls I wanted and focused my attention on getting it. I am on the border of making a decision to which company will install my controls. I question though the process that these vendors take to "Try to help Us". It is what is written is what you will get and if you try to cross that you will be knocked down. I am refusing to buy a spinner knob that cost $200. They are threatening to not release my car. CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THAT TO ME? I don't want to hear protocol or liability I have full function of my upper body. I know what it is to be a safe driver. I also know what my limitations are in this. A spinner knob is not going to change much of anything.