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Thread: Trying to Move Legs

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    Trying to Move Legs

    Hitting year 19 of SCI this year. Since being on CC I have always wanted to ask but never have (I think) til now....

    When I try to move my legs as if I were going to move my legs when I could, I get a tingling sensation in them. The sensation goes away the second I stop trying to move them. Anyone else ever try to move their legs and get this? I get zero movement of course, just the tingling. Or when you try to move is there nothing?

    Just curious I guess, as I am sure after 19 years a miraculous movement ain't in the cards.......

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    Don't give up! Keep trying to move your legs.It has been twenty seven years this year and I still can see some improvement.I'm not walking yet but,I will continue to work hard on my rehab,yes I do get some tingling and I can move my big toe on my left foot.

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    yes keep trying is a good idea, i am 11 years post injury and i also see minor imporvments, i get a near sensation to yours, i even have spasms, and lately i get little movement wich i am trying to make voulentary but failing, but it does happen when i order it, just a little later, and not constant.

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