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Thread: ActiveAid Bath bench

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    ActiveAid Bath bench

    My activeaid bath bench arrived.

    Looking forward to taking a shower for once.

    It was a special order because of no cut out in the seat!
    Really wish activeaid would put pictures of this on their website sure would make it easier when trying to order this through insurance.
    I can't be the only one!!

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    looks nice!

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    Why didn't you want a cut out or slats? When you use a bench in a bathing situation, at the very least, most benches are made up of slats, if not a cut out to allow for drainage around the perianal area. See example in photo below.

    All the best,

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    I have the same one, with cut-out... I really like the cut-out for getting everything washed off.

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    Wow. That is a nice one.

    The upside is that it is much better for your skin not to have the hole there. Our PT/OT discouraged us from buying the one with the hole for that reason.

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    Make sure that the suction cups are rigidly attached to the adjustable legs. My son has a six year old Activeaid Model 277 shower bench and he was seriously injured last week while he was transferring to the shower bench and the suction cups came off. On his bench the suction cups are removable and are only held onto the adjustable leg by a friction washer inside the leg. I called Activeaid yesterday and was told that the suction cups on the new benches are attached to the adjustable leg with a nut and bolt.

    I'm very upset about the injury that my son sustained while using this defective product. I believe that Activeaid knew about the design flaw in their older shower benches but decided not to notify their customers about the potential danger.

    It sounds like they did an actuarial analysis and determined that it was cheaper to let customers suffer injuries using their product than to recall the defective products. Activeaid could have warned us about this potential problem, all of the benches are serial numbered, but they didn't. Instead they quietly redesigned the suction cup connection and continued selling shower benches without any regard to customers who unknowingly purchased their defective shower benches.

    The conclusion I've come to is that Activeaid does not take the responsibility to provide safe products to their customers seriously. They're in this business to make money and let the customer beware.

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    yes it is the bomb, best bench i've ever owned, and it's good and thick so u don't bottm out.....and built to hold a very heavy stronge........great bench......

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    Does insurance cover this for you? I've been told they aren't covered...obviously makes no sense to me. How would I go about fighting to have it paid by insurance?

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    I tried unsuccessfully to have Blue Shield of CA paid for my son's shower bench. The explanation that I was given was that Medicare did not pay for bathroom equipment therefore Blue Shield of CA would not pay for it either.

    At the time my that we purchased the shower/commode bench my son was at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. Shepherd Center has a home equipment purchase program where they'll purchase the equipment and then we reimbursed Shepherd Center. This reduced the price for a stainless steel shower/commode bench from $1800 to $900. Even at $900 I thought the bench was still unbelievably expensive. We purchased the stainless steel bench because I saw several rusty shower benches at Shepherd Center.


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    I am baffled as to why insurance won't cover this. For anyone who has no ability to stand/limited ability to stand, how do they expect that person to shower? Do they consider a shower a convenience? It seems to me that it is completely medically necessary. I am told that my plan covers durable medical equipment that is considered to be medically necessary, but that shower chairs are considered a convenience item. HUH???? It makes no sense.

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