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Thread: # of posters, I need help, Ideas on what we should do

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    At best the yellow book comes out once or twice a year. I myself don't use it. I use the internet yellow pages.

    We need a Leader!

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    Aside from nominating Jeff, I would also nominate ChrisD to a committee to further our cause. Chris is very professional and is already testifying on a SCI related Bill. We need a spokesperson, someone that could be contacted after they hear from us. We need a committee, a phone number etc.

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    A leader is one who serves others. The yellow book is a statement 365 days a year. It is not a virtual image but it easily handled. People relate to that sad little girl sitting on the phone book. LOOKing up with those big brown eyes asking for you to pick up your phone in the comfort of their own home making things happen because they have a relative or a friend too that can be helped. They just need to know how to help. Not everyone has a computer and most that do, use a local phone book at least once.


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    I believe there are two really effective things we can do.

    1. Write letters. Maybe have a monthly 'target'. A couple people write sample letters. The address is posted. Deadline is set. Then we let it fly. Monthly would be good, because it's rare enough for people not to lose interest. Often enough to be effective.

    2. Agree / organize one [and only one] yearly fundraising event. Like the AIDS ride. Attract one of the premier event coordinating and promoting companies. Go all out.

    These two concrete tasks could serve to catalyze other tasks [advertising, advocating, testifying.]

    Focusing on a very few, do-able, high-impact tasks is so important. Otherwise all we do is diluted.

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    Exactly, now all we have is ideas all over the place. We need a committee, whatever direction they chose will at least give us a roadmap.

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    bigbob, we've tried the committee idea in the past but to no avail.

    Personally, having gone round and round on this subject in various threads months and years ago I have come to the conclusion that "if you want something done, do it yourself".

    Sorry to disagree but there's way too many wannabe generals on this board and not enough soldiers willing to do the dirty work which is as simple as giving a talk, writing an article, visiting with local docs, using the phone, etc. Committees aren't needed for that.

    As a member of Quest for the Cure our mission is simple therefore less time to argue, and debate over what direction is best.

    If people really want to do something and not just provide lipservice then they need to extend themselves beyond the borders of CareCure.


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    I've been hesitant to use my experience to help others because I didn't want to create false hope. I am beginning to have more changes in sensation and I'm very optimistic for the coming months.

    How can I use my personal testimony to help?

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    I hear you Chris. But, maybe this time we could get somewhere. I would gladly be a soldier and go to the Keck ctr. and stuff envelopes, if that was asked of me.

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    Chris, I went to the Quest for the Cure site and I clicked the link for New Jersey It's latest information was from 1999 when Whitman was still Governor. Is that the right site? If it is, it is related to CareCure. I don't understand the relationship.

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    ChrisD said:"As a member of Quest for the Cure our mission is simple therefore less time to argue, and debate over what direction is best."

    The Florida info is also old. I had e-mailed them once ( can't even find their e-mail address anymore ), and I did get a thank you note: that I would be contacted if they planned anything. Never heard from them again.

    What is their mission and what are they doing?

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