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Thread: New Shower Chair?

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    New Shower Chair?

    I am in need of a new shower chair and I have narrowed it down to 2 chairs. I am a very small framed quadriplegic and my push chair which is 16 inches wide is what I'm currently using as a shower chair. We just put in a roll in shower and now I need a rehab shower chair before I ruin my push chair which is already rusting. Anyways, the Invacare mariner has a 16 inch width and the Activeaid 480 series has a 16.5 inch width. I think the look of the mariner looks cheap and flimsy. I have read from other posts that the padded cushion is actually very hard. I have also read from other posts that the Acticeaid shower chairs are better than the mariner and Everest and Jennings shower chairs. I think I've pretty much made up my decision but wanted some reinforcement or other opinions.
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    Don't buy Invacare, it a piece of junk. I used J & E for almost 20 years never had problem , and now I bought Invacare n I don't like it. Breaks replaced already n the seat is awful.

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    i have an Activeaid shower/commode chair JTG Series F605. My chair is powder coated, not stainless steel. It is not a self push chair, it is an attendant push chair with small wheels. It has been a solid chair for me for about 8 years. It still looks new. I have replaced the seat twice and am going to be replacing it again very soon. Most of the Activeaid chairs come standard with a seamless Ensolite seat. If you can, I would suggest upgrading the seat to the optional "waterfall" type seat. The padding on this seat wraps further into the cutout, is more comfortable, and provides extra skin protection.

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    Definitely an E & J over invacare , mine lasted over 10 years.. The only thing I replaced is the seat. Active aid, also a superior product than invacare. good luck

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    Yes, don't get the mariner, its an aweful showerchair. I've used an e&j and activeaid and I like both.

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    I am in the market for a replacement seat for my Activeaid shower/commode chair JTG Series F605. The seat is described by Activeaid as a "waterfall" type seat, part number 60913.

    I talked to Activeaid today and they told me that the seat carries a 6 month warranty. I have replaced the seat on this commode/shower chair once (original seat and replacement) in 8 years. I was told by Activeaid that I am getting exceptional wear out of my seats. I'm replacing the seat because after some time the Ensolite foam becomes compressed and hardens. The area of the foam around my ischials has hardened and conformed to my bony prominences and had started to pinch my skin.

    The problem I am facing is finding a DME supplier either in my area or on the internet who will either accept medicare reimbursement or who will send in the paper work for medicare to reimburse me. They would have no problem doing this if I were buying a new chair, but I am getting the impression you are on your own for replacement parts.

    The chair was purchased by private insurance and I am new to Medicare. The chair, after 8 years looks like new, except the cushion needs to be replaced. What a pain!!!!

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