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Thread: Which charity to contribute to

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    Which charity to contribute to

    I have a relative that wishes to make a sizable contribution to an SCI cure-related organization. I've been out of the loop in that regard for quite some time so I'm looking for some suggestions. THX.

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    Click the upper left of this web page.

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    Yup, that's where I asked people to contribute in memory of my Carolyn.
    ...I'm told it's a good cause...
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    It is really a matter of personal preference. I donate to the local United Way an they then use it to fund many organizations each year in their allocation process. Its a great way for your dollars to help many causes. Or in my area here in Florida the Miami Project for a Cure is a great research center. Or perhaps you could donate to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. They are very good with their foundation is assisting newly injured SCIs and TBI's with needed items and extra rehab before they go home.

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    You may want to check out: They have partnered with Red Bull and are funding some promising research projects around the world. They just funded one at Harvard. I've been following them for awhile now and I'm impressed with all that they are doing!

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    Depends what he wants to see it used for.
    He should ask any organization that he wishes to give it to very clearly if the money will be used for what he wants it used for.
    Especially if it's a sizable amount, he should make sure that his preconditions for the spending are met before he gives. And ask for evidence of the spending.
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    My advice is, do your homework as there is a lot of spin out there as well as some criminally inefficient spending.

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    Click the upper left of this web page.
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