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Thread: I Quit My Job.

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    I Quit My Job.

    I gave my two weeks notice today. I need to focus on school for a bit and I really can't deal with the stress anymore. Not sure how happy the new boss is but for far to long I've been to worried about what others would feel or think. For the first time in a while I feel slightly less stressed, but at the same time, I feel like a bad person... How is it that no matter what I do, I feel bad?

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    Don't be so hard at yourself.

    What was the final straw? You seemed to enjoy it .. was it the boss leaving and suddenly dumping things onto you?

    Challenges can be quite ... but I can't say anything because I have left jobs that I have not liked either ... after giving them a bit of a chance.

    You're young! Several opportunities lay ahead!
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    At the same time it's hard because my mom and dad think school is important but... they also want me to work.
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    Sounds like you did yourself a favor!

    You had to let something go in order to get a better grip on your future!

    Not a thing wrong with that...

    All the best to you!

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    yes, school needs to be a priority over work. i am sorry tho that you have to quit, new adventures lay ahead!!
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    It's tough to quit a job, but when it's interfering with school and making you unhappy - time to go! Best wishes on finding something better when the circumstances are right.

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    Mother Linda says school is more important than the job.
    You faced many new challenges head on and more than proved yourself. This has been a growing experience and I'm proud of you.

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    So..... Do I just suck at life at the moment or what? I was "convinced" by many parties to revoke the two weeks notice... I had a very bad day on Friday... School is important for sure but so is having money for university and benefits for my walker and standing chair.... Ugggh my head hurts... Bedtime
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