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Thread: Health Insurance Options?!

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    Question Health Insurance Options?!

    What are the options for insurance coverage when you have a disability? Is there anyway to simply "pay" for insurance coverage?! I am not new to the insurance game, I am just desperate for a solution. Here's my situation:

    1) I am currently under my husbands employers group insurance, but we are being forced to consider moving and will have no guarantee of health coverage under his new employee.

    2) After my accident I received a structured settlement and I do not qualify for medicaid. I fall into the "you make too much money, but not enough" crack in the system.

    3) I just graduated from college so I am not a full time student, nor do I qualify for student insurance.

    Besides the obvious solution of me somehow managing to maintain a full time job with benefits, does anyone have any suggestions or resources?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I've done each of these over the years:

    (1) Pay out the nose for an individual policy. (2) Start a small business & apply for group coverage. (3) Go uninsured. (4) Find a job w/ an employer that offers insurance as a benefit.

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    Insurance Options

    Hi Scott,

    Who were you able to "pay out the nose for an individual policy" from? If you don't mind me asking, what was your monthly premium? I'm seriously at the point where it may be worth it. =S

    Thanks for sharing =)

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    BCBS in Virginia. This was years ago; I don't recall exactly what it was, but it was more than my $400 car payment at the time & the coverage was way sub-par (thus "out the nose" – for crappy coverage). To get a great policy would currently cost me $1100ish/mo, which is way outside my budget.

    I lived in NC for 2.5yrs & ran a single-member LLC doing some design work & other stuff on the side. I was able to get group coverage (yes, for one person) through BCBS for $220/mo.

    I'm back in VA; laws here require 2 or more people to qualify for a group plan. It'd run $600+ for me & one other person as a group. Coverage would be similar to the $1100/mo individual policy.

    Insurance is a state-by-state thing...
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