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Thread: Questions for crutch walkers....

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    Quote Originally Posted by djm68 View Post
    Glad to be of assistance. You can order the Ergon grips online from large number of sites. Just google 'ergon grips'. I'd be very surprised if you can find the Ergons in a local bike shop -- they are somewhat of a specialty item.

    Understood about the tight cuffs -- I have really good balance from years of relying upon my left foot. I can hop up and down stairs and the like. But even with great balance, I also like the tighter cuffs, so much so that I have replaced some of my bulky outdoor jackets with less bulky options that fit into the standard cuffs.

    Since starting to use the sidestix I've started to reply upon pockets, belt loops, belts and fanny packs; I put 'carbiners' on my belt and belt loops sp I can just quickly hand stuff off my belt.

    If you father really wants a cool chunky watch just hang it around a belt or belt loop! :-)

    Hope that helps!


    Hi DJM,

    Thanks again for your post. It is so helpful to hear what other people do.

    My Dad has simplified his clothing choices to make life/crutches/cathing simple. Even though we live in the Midwest, he only wears a fleece or down vest during the winter.... usually with his typical T-shirt and long athletic shorts (elastic waist). He also has arm warmers, but he rarely bothers to put them on. We talked about getting leg warmers last winter, as we had some cold days.... and falling on the ice in winter in shorts isn't fun (ouch!). But he swears by shorts for the ease of cathing. Clothing manipulation in the bathroom is really a hazardous process for him.

    He is always trying to figure out new ways to carry things without creating problems/hazards. Similar to you, pockets are a must. I really like your carabiner idea... we use that concept for keys and a tiny flashlight. But these hang from a bag that he usually wears slug over his shoulder when he is outside. Recently he stopped wearing a fanny pack type cell phone carrier, but maybe we should re-visit that idea as an attachment point for a watch. Unfortunately, no belt with the shorts.

    He bought a bunch of these tiny "crutch wallets" online. They are small, so really only useful for carrying a few bucks, maybe keys, maybe a cell phone.

    He is still not happy with his carrying options for when he is outside the house. The small "man-bag" he wears slung over the shoulder still gets in his way while walking.

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    One way to solve the carrying problem is to use a wheelchair when outside the house and traveling longer distances.

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    HLH -
    Papa needs a back pack. I find it the only way to reliably travel with crutches. There are amazing urban backpacks by NorthFace. I have one that holds my macbook air computer, charger, smaller stuff sacks with clear windows with meds, caths, ostomy stuff, blah blah.

    The zippers are bombproof and the backpacks for about 100 bucks are really well thought out.... He can carry a pad to sit on on hard seat in a restaurant. My life is in my NF backpack.

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    I concur with the back pack. I have nice day pack and it fits lots of stuff. I pretty much take mine every where. Can't use shoulder bags. They throw you off kilter and get in the way of the swing of the crutch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post
    I use crutches in the plane. I throw them in the overhead compartment right away. I don't want the stewardess taking them somewhere else. You've probably noticed it is hard to crutch down an aisles since you have to pinch your shoulders together. I look...well... disabled ! ! Oh that's right... I am disabled. But I get them out to go to the bathroom on the plane and if I don't, I would use the backs of peoples seat which I am sure no one is fond of.
    HA. Me too.

    When it comes to cathing in public, I'm not the best. I just go in there. pull out the cath which I've already lubed at home and use it.

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    We should explore backpacks again. He used to use one sometimes, but not a very good one. And then he has a huge one he used to work walking to work everyday before his injury. It is hard to convince him to buy anything new..... I think the main reason he uses the small shoulder bag is so that he can access it even when standing. Sometimes there isn't a place to sit down.

    It is time to start re-trying fanny packs and back packs. Thanks guys.

    He wont use his wheelchair, and doesn't have a car where he can break down his chair independently.

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    HLH - it is a pain to access a backpack with crutches. I will take one arm out then put it back in the crutch, then I don't take the the other arm out, I just let the backpack fall onto the crutch with the crutch holding the weight of the pack, maybe you put that top loop around one of the cuffs. It is annoying but everything in life takes longer as a gimp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post
    HLH - it is a pain to access a backpack with crutches. I will take one arm out then put it back in the crutch, then I don't take the the other arm out, I just let the backpack fall onto the crutch with the crutch holding the weight of the pack, maybe you put that top loop around one of the cuffs. It is annoying but everything in life takes longer as a gimp.
    Good technique. Thanks. He is not as stable as you on one crutch, so this is a bit precarious. I'm hoping that he can carry enough of the essentials in a fanny pack so that he doesn't have to access the backpack when standing. Unfortunately, he also has a deformity of one elbow due to a really bad fracture which additionally makes even sliding a backpack on/off that arm difficult.

    He's a good sport though, and is up for trying it again.

    Hope you are feeling a little better. Thinking of you....

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    I don't know what I'd do without my fanny pack - I wear it turned around so that it faces forward and it's extra deep (with side pockets, too) so that it holds almost everything I need. Hope your dad finds something that works well for him!
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions

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    I was having trouble searching for this thread since the new website interface was set up, but hopefully this will revive it. Maybe we can introduce ourselves again as well...

    My father was hit by a taxi 6 years ago and is now L3 ASIA C. He uses forearm crutches as his main assistance device, but at times uses a wheelchair in the house and a walker for convenience. He cannot stand or take a step without crutches.

    He now uses SideStix crutches with the shock absorber, Tornado tips, and a variety of gloves with padding/shock absorption in the palm to prevent carpal tunnel like symptoms. He also still uses his old pair of Walk Easy crutches as a back-up pair.

    As winter is here in the midwest with all the terrors of crutch walking on ice and snow (although some of you do this for fun, I suspect... :), I was wondering what you guys are using these days to help navigate the winter outdoors safely? We're also looking for a new pair of gloves that has the rugged protection needed and the warmth for below freezing weather, and is still sleek enough to fit easily through cuffs. Any recommendations?

    In winter, my Dad sometimes uses YakTrax on his shoes, Fetterman ice tips on his crutches, and at times wonders if he should be wearing a helmet and knee pads! The trouble with using YakTrax and ice tips is that once you hit a dry, smooth surface (ex. inside the building you are walking to...), they become hazardous and you need to get them off fast.

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