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Thread: Aqua Therapy

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    Muskie, I'm so glad your son is enjoying the pool and I hope it helps his recovery -- so many PTs I know swear by the benefits of hydrotherapy.
    My son (C5-6 incomplete) also loves the water and has done a bit of hydrotherapy with instructors. There is a pool in our apartment complex and he has been in it a few times but he is terrified of having a bowel accident while in the pool so this is preventing him from using it more. He does the bowel programme (suppositories) every second day, and bowel accidents have so far been very rare (twice in two years I would say). However, if something happened in the pool it would be completely humiliating for him and it would be the end of him being allowed to use the pool. I was wondering if there's an adult equivalent of the swimming diapers used by kids? (My kids never used them so I'm not really sure how they are designed or how they work.) We would be so grateful for any advice on this.
    Yes there are undergarments for this purpose. Here is a link to one:

    You may find other ideas in the results of my search on the internet for "Adult Swim Diapers.",cf.osb

    All the best,

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    Thanks so much ginjl.

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    Muskie, I'm so glad your son had a good experience in the pool. He needs a whole lot of these good things to turn his attitude around and maybe this is the catalyst. I hope this is just the first step into more independence, a path to the future and .... happiness.

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    yea, 90' is too warm....upper 70's to low 80 is comfortable...
    - Rolling Thru Life -

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