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Thread: Vacuant vs Enemeez

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    Vacuant vs Enemeez

    So the VA switched my enemeez to evacuant (a generic substitution, but identical according to the labels) on the last shipment. I don't know if it's coincidence or not but the evacuant doesn't seem to have the same punch. It's been a week and a half now, so I thought I would be seeing regular, strong and quick results like I did with the enemeez, but no such luck. My Bowel movement seems to just fizzle out. Have any of you experienced the same with this generic evacuant brand?


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    I noticed the same the point that I am now impacted and have to take magnesium citrate tonight. "CODE BROWN!!!!" I am going to ask around at the hospital because I mentioned it to the Dr's and they didn't know that they had been switched.

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    VA substitution

    Since this doesn't work you could ask your VA provider to submit a PADR request to pharmacy reporting that you had an adverse response to this substitution and ask for the enemeez. That is a frustrating part of the VA being price competitive with vendors. Enemeez is actually liquid stool softener (docusate) check the labels and see what the ingredient is with this one.


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    It is the same ingrediants and the same dosage...283mg, docusate sodium

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    pbr is correct. If you can get your provider to submit a non-formulary request for the brand name, you can get it. If the request is from your SCI Center, your home VA is also required to provide it. Enemeez is available via VA contract, and it would be local decision (not national) to go with another brand of the same/similar product. We have not done so where I work...we still have and are issuing Enemeez.


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    Interestingly enough, I was given the same thing in early Jan, and have had some problems. They claim (at the VA ) it is the same thing, but my experience has been the opposite, it's almost like going back to the magic bullet, when I had unplanned movements very frequently. Also the tip is fairly sharp, when I rubbed it on my forearm, it raised a welt as if a cat scratched me. After speaking with Julee at Enemeez, she offered the same advice as the moderator did. I am going tothe VA tomorrow and mention the PADR, they are all really nice, so I can't imagine them not giving me the Enemeez again, i'll keep you guys posted.

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    My VA center (Fort Meade SD) has not switchedto the generic, hopefully they will never do so. I know I was so happy to find out that Enemeez was on the VA formulary.

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    Although the generic brands have the same active ingredient, they do not have to use the same fillers. This can cause a problem for some people. And one generic brand is not identical to another, because of this. It is true that the active ingredients are the same. So while I wholeheartedly agree that the generics are worth a try, for some people and some brands, they may not work as well.

    You may also notice an adverse effect from generics that you didn't with the name brand. An example is with antibiotics. Some companies may use a lactose based filler, because it is cheaper than other fillers. For those with lactose intolerance or allergies, the antibiotic that had been problem free when it was a name brand, may become problematic to take.

    Hope that this isn't too confusing.


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    New product is a nightmare

    Two weeks ago I received Vacuant when my supplies came from the V.A. The packaging looked very similar to ENEMEEZ. It was so similar for a moment I thought it was the same product in a newly designed package. The packing may look similar but that is as far as the resemblance goes. It does not work like ENEMEEZ. I use it and sometimes nothing happens. Then 5 or 6 hours later I have a disgusting "accident." In the two weeks I have used VACUANT this has happened 5 times. I quickly looked up both products on the internet and saw that ENEMEEZ was $76.59 for 30 day supply and VACUANT was $50.49. Mystery solved! The bean counters at the V.A. wanted to save some money at my expense. I looked at ENEMEEZ directions and it states it is for people who can not evacuate on their own. Then I looked at the directions for VACUANT and it clearly states it is for the "relief of painful constipation." Only a bean counter would think these products interchangeable. Either that or VACUANT is being pushed on the V.A. by a powerful lobby.
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