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Thread: They are watching us

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    Exclamation They are watching us

    After watching a TED talk on how many entities track us as we voyage through the internet, I downloaded an add on for my Firefox browser called Collusion. After a short trip to several sites I commonly visit, I racked up over three dozen sites that were tracking me. If you'd like to see the talk it's available at

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    I have Chrome as a browser and have several extensions that block all all the tracking and pop up and such. there are some pages that it will literally block 10-15 things and other such as this website that it's just blocking one (Google Analytics)
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    awww, they can track me if they want, I'm lost anyway so they will be too!

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    Yep. Bottom line is if you don't want people knowing what you do, don't do it on the web and if you do, do it from starbucks using chrome incognito mode.

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