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Thread: Body Temp. Regulation

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    Body Temp. Regulation

    Hey everyone, I'm a C5-6 quad and I want to know what everyone does to cool the body off in high temps? I was a really active person before the injury and it is killing me just sitting around. I want to stay active but due to high temps, I am careful of how much I can do. What do you guys do to stay cool? Thanks

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    My injury is higherso I really don't exercise at all, but in the summer around here carry a spray bottle and have someone spray my skin to cool it off.

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    There are outer garments generically known as cool vests. Do an internet search using "cool vest." You will find several styles in various price ranges.

    Here are some other products that may help:

    All the best,

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    Evaporative cooling may not help much in your part of the world (I lived in New Orleans humidity for many years) but lots of folks use water sprayers. Without good grip strength, the trigger pump sprayers are tough to use, so I recently ordered one of these. It holds one liter. Pump it up and then mist away. It has not arrived yet so I can't give you a satisfaction level.

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    I am a C 6/7 and find that if I soak a do rag in water and then tie it on my head that I can stay fairly comfortable in hot temps. For me any temp over 85 is where I have start taking care of my internal temp. I have had as high as a 103 body temp from not trying to stay cool. When i get over 100 i have to sit in a cold shower for over any hour before I can start to feel normal again. Also I find that if I let my body temp go so to speak that I get extremely tired and fall asleep at the drop of a hat

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    If we are going to a festival I carry ice in large baggies and then keep dipping the do rags and changing them on my husband's head. I have also laid cold cloths dipped in the ice water on his arms.

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    I am a C4-C5 and I never do well in the heat. I have tried the neck ties, however the only problem is they only seem to last for an hour at the most. Sometimes I am lucky if I have people around to change the icepack in it, however most of the time I am by myself and don't have that luxury. I don't have air conditioning, so the best thing for me is to splash water on my head and neck (which can get kind of messy) and sit in front of a fan. Works pretty well to cool you down quickly.

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    Powerchair AC....though it is still only in prototype phase.

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