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Thread: Stimulite cushions

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    I'm sitting on a Stimulite Contour right now, but I've had the Classic and Sport in the past. They're all great. The difference is essentially exactly what Stimulite says:
    Sport - lightest, least support
    Classic - medium weight, medium support
    Contour - higher weight, higher support

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    I switched from the Roho line to the Contoured XS and used it for about 5 years thinking it was safe and easy to use, i.e. no air to deal with and easy on planes not having to deal with the pressure in the plane. (Nightmare with the Roho)

    I had a stage 2 in Dec of 2013 then under care of professionals it progressed to a stage 4 with a tunnel (missed my the team). 14 month later after several types of dressings and finally bed rest w/wound vac for 3 months progressing to a flap. I really thought the Supracor was the magic bullet. I may have had a cushion which was not built to spec but I believe there is no perfect cushion and one can not avoid the needed behaviors, i.e. lifts/tilts and reducing hours in one's chair when possible.

    I am moving to a Ride cushion and an improved behavior moving forward especially following the flap surgery. I don't want to repeat that experience again. I am wondering if having a few different cushions alternating them isn't a bad idea. I am also thinking about a standing chair for a portion of the day perhaps when I am home. It seems like a great addition for a long list of health reasons.

    I really hoped the Stimulite was the answer.

    Good luck to all Supracor users.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gassman View Post
    I switched from the Roho line to the Contoured XS and used it for about 5 years thinking it was safe and easy to use, ...clip...
    You had a long struggle recovering, I'm sorry this happened to you. I have full sensation, so I wiggle around quite a bit, and I sweat, which is one reason why I like the Stimulites. That said I also have some I've bought second hand which are not as boyouant as the new one is. So my question to you is: did you ever replace your cushion, or keep the same one for the five years? The experienced users here will likely tell you to get pressure mapped and get a cushion that matches. You don't want to chance this.
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    5 years is a long time on any cushion. I don't recommend buying stimulates used. they "learn" and form to the individual users butt during the breakin period. I've used classic xs for many years and classics prior. never a mark in over 20 yrs on them. I personally keep 2 broke-in and rotate them. nice thing about supracor products is they fluff back up a bit after washing. I also use a custom cut sport on my handcycle. rep
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    Go on Otto Bock site. There is a lot of info there. My girl has had one of their cushions for a couple months now and really likes it. She is very sensitive to touch and sweats a lot. The cushiion and the cover has really helped the sweating/comfort.

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    I really wanted the Supracor to work since it is great in many ways especially the low maintenance. I replaced my cushion every two years and it was the 3rd Contoured XS in use when I developed the PU. I tore open the skin making it an official stage 2 when coming out of the shower into my chair.

    I continued to sit on it not believing it was the cushion until it continued to get worse. During this time I greatly improved my pressure relief program even using a timer.

    I switched back to the high profile Quatro Roho and monitored it frequently. Post flap I am currently using this Roho pending a new chair with a Ride cushion. I believe my current chair was never a correct fit especially the seat depth. I believe I can have another inch or two. This added area will aid in distributing the pressure.

    I also realize that post flap I am always at a higher risk and need to up the game in being kind to my "rear end". This impacts my life a little but I do take the time to get out of my chair when I am able. (something I never did prior to this wound). I did lifts and leans but stayed in my chair all day often14-18 hours.

    I think the Supracor is a nice cushion and like any cushion strict assessment of the skin is required daily especially when getting a new cushion.

    I am looking forward to trying the Ride custom cushion.


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