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Thread: Chair suggestions for a 16 year old

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    We just looked at a few chairs and are comparing Quickie Q7, TopEnd Reveal and TiLite ZRA. They are all much lighter weight than what he has now, he said the Quickie felt the best. He also loved the ergonomic handgrips on the wheels they showed him. Instead of being round/tubular they are oval.

    We are doing our research, will look at Icon as well. Is the TopEnd Titanium A4 better than the Reveal?

    Yes, we are submitting this order through insurance.

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    I dont think the Q7 frame will take his beating. Sharon, I sent you a reply. I suggest you put up Robbie's measurements. I think the DME "over sized him" so he can "grow into his chair". That will mess with balance and will contribute to scoliosis.
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    Ok, good info Cheesecake! Right now there are days when Robbie comes home with grass stains on his jeans, that should give you an idea of his activity level. We go from being in the hospital when he has an issue to him flying down an embankment when hes feeling good. I know with all of the boys getting their drivers license a lot of that road wear and trails, jumping curbs, etc...will be minimized but he still needs a lot of durability.

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    the Titanium A4 is fully adjustable and can really take a beating. I have a Alum A4 that i use for yard ruff riding and it keeps on ticking, bout 6 years now and i bought it used. I'm sure there are nicer chairs but sounds like he may need a box frame for durability. shame Marvel isnt doing well, that is also a tuff chair. the boys at Icon designed the Marvel so their new chair is also worth a look. the Icon is also fully adjustable and has a on/off suspension option

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    Quote Originally Posted by SharonD View Post
    He also loved the ergonomic handgrips on the wheels they showed him. Instead of being round/tubular they are oval.
    if you can get insurance to cover stuff like this by having an OT or PT sign off or write a letter for it then do it. As a young para anything to contribute to the longevity of his hands/wrists/joints is a plus.

    I'm sure you're aware you've opened up a big can of worms, there are alot of differing viewpoints when it comes to chairs.

    From previous pictures I've seen of your boy I know he won't be growing any wider (at the seat anyway) and was probably fairly tall already. I don't think a fully adjustable chair is necessary. Personally I would do my damnedest to demo as many chairs as possible for as long as possible. If he's leaning toward the Q7 have him do some car transfers into alot of different vehicles, the caster arm on that chair is longer than most. If it doesn't bother him it is going to be the lightest option. Honestly though, try to get him into a ZRa and make some adjustments just to try different settings, try to get him as comfortable as possible - the goal would be him feeling confident and stable enough to wheelie down ramps and bounce down stairs with ease. Once you nail down those centre-of-gravity and rear seat/front seat heights you will be able to spec out a ZR that has little adjustment.

    Remember - short frame with a sharper angle front end will enable him to maneuver better in tight spaces, this has given me greater freedom. As well, as skinny as possible with 2-degree or less of camber.

    It's probably worth looking into the Icon, not so much for its adjustability but for the suspension - I think in the long-term it will save wear and tear on a guys back. Whether or not insurance will completely cover it is another matter.

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    I too agree that the Icon might be a better choice. as you can adjust everything. plus if you ever need to upgrade something you can on the Icon. worth looking at!

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    The Icon is adjustable in width, seat height (nice for changing length to reach pushrims) and wheelbase (length of chair), seat angle, back angle. This might be good for some one who is growing but also for some one getting one of their first custom chairs. Using an Icon to fine tune until you really know what works for you can be the way to a non-adjustable chair for some. Personally, my needs change depending on how I feel. When I'm hurting, the 90 degree angle on my Tilite TR is tough, along with the back angle (it's adjustable but only within large degrees and it's not done easily for me). I've had some time in an Icon (mine is coming soon) and being able to soften and stiffen the ride and push out the footrest has been really nice. A little thing I'm looking forward to is widening out the sideguards in the winter when I'm wearing a bulky coat.

    I love my TR and if he wants a chair he can beat to death and doesn't want adjustments (except COG), I'd strongly recommend it. It's an amazing chair. My needs have changed too much to stay with the measurements I have and I am very much looking forward to the suspension on the Icon.
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    What kind of car does he plan on driving? That might affect the type of chair, wether a open or box frame. Tooley has some good points, but A Tilite TR would be a better choice over the ZR, I'm not impressed at all with my ZRseries2 over my old ZR, they went a few steps back as far as I'm concerned. Depending on the insurance, your options may be limited. I will never own another product of sunrise medical(quickie/jay). It might be wise to save for a good chair and have insurance get the they'll pay for for a backup.

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    Tough call, as at 16 I would suspect him to be still growing, so an adjustable chair to accommodate this may be a consideration. On the other hand, being as active as he is, durability is a high priority, this would lead me to the TiLite TR, which will be light and have the durability of a box frame.
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    I had a TR, now a ZR2.
    I would go back to the TR

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