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Thread: Urinary management on the plane

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    Urinary management on the plane

    I'm wll be travelling from Amsterdam to Washington DC this summer, which will take about 7 hours.
    I thinking about using condom-catheter, as I think it will be impossible to go to the toilet in the plane. This worries me a bit, because I think using a condom-catheter will cause an UTI, because the urine will be too long on the bladder.
    Can I take this risk or is it better to cath in my plane-seat and ask my wife to stand in the aisle to give me some privacy and prevent other people from 'watching the scene'?

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    A condom catheter does not significantly increase your risks for infection by itself, but it may not work if you normally do intermittent cath as the meds you use to keep yourself dry between caths may also cause you to retain and not void urine. You might not be able to void at all, or void with very high residuals, which could make you at risk for both AD (depending on your level) and UTIs.

    Many men are able to cath themselves in their airplane seat under a blanket, esp. if using a self-contained touchless type catheterization kit.

    I moved this from the Mobile Women's forum to here, as the thread where you had previously posted it applied to women's urinary management when flying, which is more difficult. Pretty much impossible for a woman to cath (through the urethra) when seated on a plane, and obviously condom catheters are not an option for them either.


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    condom caths dont cause uti's....i wear one whenever i leave the house, and i havent had a uti in 6 yrs(had sci 7yrs)... and take no meds other than vitamin c ....
    if u intermittent cath, having on a condom isnt going to make u empty your bladder...if u need to intermittent every so many hrs, condom or no condom wont change that....or are u saying u will cath before boarding plane, and just wear condom/leg bag incase you leak(?) .until u land and can cath say do what u have to do....
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    Here are a couple of threads where this topic has been discussed:

    All the best,

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    Oké, thanks for the links to the threads.
    Usually I cath 4 or 5 times a day, which is perfect for me.

    I think I'll make sure, that I go to the toilet before boarding the plane and find a 'trick' to cath during the flight, without causing to much trouble.

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