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Thread: Lightly used Empi 300 PV Kit

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    Lightly used Empi 300 PV Kit

    For sale is this lightly used Empi 300 PV Kit. Comes in zippered case with rechargeable batteries and charger. Wires, Empi and:

    Empi StimCare Specialty Electrode Rectangle 5x8inches

    2 new packages and 1 partial package of Empi Self Adhesive Electrodes Carbon FM Electrodes 2x2 inches

    I Universal Bifurcating Wire

    Price is $400. I accept PayPal and will ship as soon as payment clears.

    Thanks so much!


    if the photos do not show up, I can email them to you.

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    Still available..hope the photos show up this time.

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    Still Available. Price is $350!

    Still Available! Price is $350.

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    EMPI 300 PV Electrotherapy System Needed

    I need to purchase, as reasonably as possible, please, the above system. The unit I've been using has been supplied by my physical therapy provider, but this will end soon. Thank you. My e-Mail address is

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    Is your empi still available?

    If so, i would like to purchase your system.

    Thank you so much!


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